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Writing an excellent thesis statement is one of the biggest pillars in drafting a great essay. The reason is that this statement will provide you with a platform to give your readers a glimpse of the stand you have taken on your chosen topic. In addition, a great thesis statement is instrumental in helping you to confine your academic assignments so that you don’t wander off into trivia or end up with an octopus kind of an assignment that is too wide to exhaust. However, there are times when drafting your assignment becomes a challenge, and hence, the need to seek thesis help from a professional writing service provider. Keep on reading to learn how we can assist you in writing a strong thesis statement that will give you a stronger footing in your academic assignments.

How to draft a strong thesis statement?

Writing a great thesis statement for your thesis paper is instrumental in securing your success in your writing assignments. But getting the know-how of doing it is also important so that you can bolster your paper with a great statement. Here are ideas on how to write a strong thesis statement.

Thesis writing should not feature technical language

To write a successful thesis statement, you should avoid all forms of technical language. The only exception comes in when you are drafting technical reports. Do not decorate it with jargon if you are not sure your audience understands such terms.

Mind your language

To fortify your statement, do not fill it with vague language that has or adds no value to your readers. For example, do not use terms such as “uncommon, dull, impressive, fantastic...”

Mind the length

There is no specific length or shortness of your thesis statement. Ideally, your statement can be as short or as long as it can express your chosen topic. However, you should keep it within one to two sentences.


The positioning of your statement is instrumental in determining its effectiveness. Therefore, position it strategically so that it bolsters the navigational function of your introduction and create a seamless transition between the introduction and the body paragraphs. Therefore, position it in the last two or three sentences of your introduction.

Don’t make it confrontational

It is also necessary to take care so that you do not frame it in a manner that is confrontational or combative. For instance, do not write a thesis statement like, “Democracy has failed to penetrate China because it is defective and evil.” When drafting it, let it defends your position without making those who hold a contrary position look evil or stupid. Just ensure that it convinces them to leave their positions without attacking their intelligence because your thesis is not an absolute Gospel truth after all.

It should demonstrate value

Remember, your thesis statement is part of your introduction chapter, and hence, you should tailor it to serve one of the purposes of an introductory chapter—to show your readers the value of your paper and why they need to remain with it beyond the first paragraph. If your thesis does not infuse this sense of value into your readers’ minds, then it is an ineffective argument.

Make it specific

In essence, writing a thesis statement entails unfolding your narrowed stand on the topic you have chosen to debate on. Therefore, it should be specific so that you can debate it exhaustively. In addition, making it specific makes your paper unique.

Debating power

When drafting your thesis statement, always remember that it is your primary argument. You should make the thesis format and essence of your assignment easy to debate and defend. If it lacks this quality, then all the other successive arguments you mount to defend it will be useless.

Working with a thesis online

A good outline is instrumental in everything regarding writing. When drafting your thesis statement, remember to include a mini outline that will show you how and where you will put your ideas in this all-important statement. By visualizing your ideas on paper, it becomes easy to include everything you needed to uphold your primary argument. A simple and effective outline will make it easier for the other complementary arguments to flow and fit coherently in the remaining sections of your assignments.

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